University self initiated final year project based on the belief that the way we shop in-store has not been transferred successfully to an online platform and that the way products are displayed online is poor and can be improved upon. The ultimate goal of this project was to design a completely unique and immersive experience for customers who wish to do their grocery shopping online. The typical supermarket website shows only tiny thumbnails of it’s product making it difficult for the customer to know what they will be purchasing - The Hi.Street aims to revolutionise this by showing fresh produce in a new realistic light by putting it front and foremost.


Hi.STREET is a brand which puts strong emphasis on the way they display their products. The logo was therefore designed with the content it would be situated on in mind and takes a backwards step allowing the page content to do the talking. The strong bold lettering allows the mark to sit comfortably on top of imagery whilst still being recognisably read. The ‘Hi’ part expresses the friendly nature of the brand whilst the ‘STREET’ highlights the link back to traditional values and relates to street signs. Overall the logo is bold, friendly and applicable.

The aforementioned content really brings the page to life with wooden floor backgrounds, fantastic aerial shots of products, overlay imagery and delicately, well perceived typography to enhance and guide the user. Initial feedback was overwhelming which was a fantastic thing to receive for a University project.